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TrendShikari NTS

TrendShikari NTS is a Nifty Index, Swing Type, analysis tool which can be used to build a Mechanical Trading System for Nifty. When you subscribe to this analysis tool, you get access to Indicator and Strategy scripts on TradingviewIndicator is for setting signal alerts on Tradingview in addition to seeing daily trading levels after market opening. Strategy is for viewing backtest results in addition to seeing daily trading levels before market opening.

Salient Features  
  1. Daily Bar Nifty Analysis Tool. The tool analyzes the Daily Chart of Nifty  Spot Index and generates daily directional signals with average holding period of 4 days. 
  2. Detects index trends at turn points to capture maximum points in the trend direction.  
  3. Automatic Long and Short bias signal generation. No need to draw waves / lines and other fancy stuff on your charts to analyze Nifty  any more. 
  4. Backtester Results Available. Thanks to Tradingview, detailed backtest results for previous years (from 1990) are available right in the charting platform for Nifty. 
  5. Integrated Alerts in Tool. Just select the tool from Tradingview alert interface. Then market opening & closing alerts, trend reversal alerts, expiry day alerts, muhurat trading day alerts automatically come on your desktop or mobile. Gluing on to the trading screen is not required. 
  6. No separate Tradingview subscription is needed to use the tool. Only a free Tradingview account is required.                                                 

Trading System

An example mechanical trading system built around TrendShikari NTS


Over 30 yrs of backtested performance with TrendShikari NTS

​Trading Results

Money in the bank with  example trading system & TrendShikari NTS


Ordinary people and their success stories with TrendShikari NTS