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TrendShikari NTS

Trendshikari NTS
Backtest Results For Nifty 1990-2019

TrendShikari NTS is a Nifty Index, Swing Type, Mechanical Trading System with great profitability. When you subscribe to this system you get access to Indicator and Strategy scripts on TradingviewIndicator is for setting signal alerts on Tradingview in addition to seeing daily trading levels after market opening. Strategy is for viewing backtest results in addition to seeing daily trading levels before market opening.

Salient Features 
1. Daily Bar System. System analyzes a Daily Chart of Nifty to give signals with average holding period of 5 days. 

2. Automatic Long and Short signal generation. No need to draw waves / lines and other fancy stuff on your charts to analyze Nifty any more. 

3. Backtester Results Available - Thanks to TradingView, detailed backtest results for previous years (from 1990) are available right in the charting platform for Nifty. 

Having a good trading system is one thing and trading it to make money is a whole different ball game. One thing you must always do if you want to mimic the backtest results in live trading is to follow the rules mentioned below as if your life depends on it. 

Trading Rules 
1. Each day the system gives you a Long and Short trading level. You go Long on Nifty when the Daily Long level is breached and you go Short on Nifty when the Daily Short Level is breached. 

2. Trade using Nifty Options, In the Money calls, one strike below the nearest strike price for going Long using Call Option or one strike above the nearest strike price for going Short using Put Option. For example, if Nifty spot is at 11356 and we get a long signal you buy Nifty 11200 Call Option and if we get a short signal we buy Nifty 11500 Put Option. By only buying options we are limiting our maximum risk per trade to the premium amount of the option bought. 

3. Preset exit and entry orders of appropriate option contracts every day at market open. To set the levels see the difference in Nifty spot price and the trading levels given by system and then multiply it with 0.9 to give an approximate order trigger price in both directions for the corresponding option contracts. 

4. Book profit when Nifty moves significantly along signal direction. Every time Nifty moves 100 points in your direction you exit the current option contract and enter a trade in the next strike price in the same direction. 

5. Rollover before expiry. Its important that you rollover (ideally one day before the expiry day) your Option contact positions by exiting the current month contract and take a new position in the next month contract of the same type and strike price of the current month contract. 

6. Trade only Nifty using this system. Also Daily Chart has to be used for trading. System parameters have been tested and optimized for Nifty Index Daily patterns only and hence is likely to give stated results with Nifty Daily Chart Only. 

Trade with only that amount of money you can afford to loose. Initial capital that you need to have to trade one lot of Nifty Option using this system should be at least Rs.150000. You need only Rs.7500 - 15000 to open a position and the rest is the margin of safety you need to have in your trading account to account for drawdowns in trading. You can add the capital in a staggered need to basis to your trading account. But make sure you have the initial capital mentioned above at your disposal, if need be. 

Your thoughts and inputs are welcome. Happy Trading !!!