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T7 Wealth Creators

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions ? May be we got lot of those before and so we have already answered it below. So just scan below and you may find what you are looking for. If not, you can always contact us

Are you registered with SEBI ?

No we are not registered with SEBI. However we operate in compliance with SEBI regulations.

Are you a stock or commodity advisory ?

We are a Pvt Ltd Company registered with CIN U67190KL2011PTC027380 under Ministry of Corporate Affairs. We are not in the business of providing stock, commodity tips or advises. We only develop trading systems and indicators using technical analysis platforms. We don't sell any software that gives signals on any financial tradeable instrument. Our flagship software generates directional signals only for Nifty Index. Doing so is exempt from the SEBI (Research Analyst) Regulations, 2014 as marked under section 2(w).

How is the company funded ?

The company is privately funded by the promoters. We have no external secured or unsecured third party debt.  

Do you really trade in the financial markets ?

Directors of our company trades using TrendShikari NTS in their personal trading accounts. Live trade reports (if any) published in this website are from their trading account. Its also available for your perusal on request in case it is not published in our website. We don't have a proprietary trading desk in our company because the compliance cost and time for the same is too much in our view - get a NBFC license / take a membership in the exchange etc. 

Can I use TrendShikari NTS to trade in any instrument ?

Use TrendShikari NTS for NIFTY only. The system is optimized to analyze the NIFTY Index and shows a directional bias of its future movement with certain mathematical metrics as evident in the published computer backtest results. It may or may not work for other instruments. We certainly don't recommend using it for anything other than analyzing NIFTY index. 

Do I need to take a paid subscription of Tradingview to use TrendShikari NTS ?

No. You can use TrendShikari NTS with the free plan offered by Tradingview. 

Do I need to trade in multiple instruments to make money ?

No. You just need to trade in one instrument to make money. If you want to make more money, just increase your position size (per trade option lot count). But make sure you have enough capital to do so when you increase your position size.  

Why do you recommend trading in options ? Isn't it risky ?

Trading in options is no more risky than any other tradeable instruments in the stock exchange. We are always buying options. We never sell options. This way our max risk per trade is limited to the option premium we paid. Even if market goes against our position our risk is well defined and limited. Options help us to cover market risks like opening gaps, fat finger errors etc which cannot be well managed with futures or other primary instruments like shares. Also our average holding period for any option contract is around 5 days. So we are not much affected by time value decay of option premium. 

Which stock broker do you recommend ?

We recommend Zerodha, if you are looking to open a trading account. In our opinion, Zerodha is the best in terms of innovation quotient, trading tools and support provided. Cost is on the lower side with free equity, direct mutual fund investments and Flat ₹20 Intraday, F&O trades. With over 5 million+ clients and near 15% of daily retail trading volumes across NSE, BSE, MCX, Zerodha is a stock broker you can bank on. 

Why are you selling TrendShikari NTS if you are making money trading it ?

Money is not everything. We realized that ordinary people like us can make money trading the market with out the help of expensive infrastructure or corporate back up. We also realised that majority of the retail segment is loosing money. So we wanted to help. We are passionate about what we do and we are truly happy when we help people to win their financial freedom. 

Why are you not giving TrendShikari NTS free if you are service minded ?

Using tools like TrendShikari NTS, you can be a master trader yourself. For that convenience, we charge only a small amount. Its really peanuts compared to what you can make trading using these systems we sell. The small charge helps us cover our business operational expenses and create wealth that can be invested to bring at your convenience more tools for a great trading experience. Also, the price tag on the system is a sort of checkpoint to bring in only the serious minded, disciplined trader in to our client base. If we start giving our tools free, we fear, it will bring in a crowd with out the passion, patience and persistence needed to succeed in the market.