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T7 Wealth Creators

Mechanical Trading System

Ever wondered what separates the pros from novices in trading ? Pros have a plan and they trade their plan. Novices, well we really don't know how they trade. Its not objective or systematic to document. But one thing is sure they loose a lot of money. So what is a trading plan that pros have ? It may be hard to believe, but there are lot of different plans to get rich trading. The important thing is to have a plan that you can follow, that is practically doable between your lifestyle chores. Be it Trend Following or Momentum Scalping or Arbitrage trading, be it technical or fundamental approach, its important that the trading plan suits you. A big reason why trading systems looks good in computer backtesting analysis, but fails poorly in real time, is that the person trading doesn't have the discipline of the computer to trade day in day out with the same trading plan. 

To be successful in trading its important that a trader turns in to a machine, when it comes to executing trades. If you are willing to work like a trading machine, what you need to have next is a solid set of rules that form part of your trading plan. Those rules should answer all questions that may come up while trading like

When to Buy and Sell ?

What to Buy and Sell ?

What market to trade in ?

What quantity to be traded ?

How much capital should be there in trading account ?

When to roll over in case of F&O trading ?

These questions could be answered in different ways. But make sure your trading plan answers all these questions in some way before you deploy that plan for live trading. If you do not want to go through that pain of creating a plan from scratch, then we present TrendShikari NTS and our example trading system for your consideration.