T7 Wealth Creators

Support Policy

We value your need for quality support. We shall therefore, strive in all ways possible, within the constraints imposed by our limited resources, to address your queries and concerns promptly. This policy describes the scope, mode and manner in which we shall provide such support services.

This policy is an integral part of our Terms Of Service.


We shall provide active support for any concerns or queries you may have regarding anything and everything related to our company, like those about installation of software application files distributed by us; features, functionalities, bugs or issues pertaining to the products / services offered by us, the mode or manner in which we provide our services, published policies governing our operations etc.

We shall not provide active support for any queries about third party software platforms or services, which are irrelevant (in our sole discretion) to use or operate our products / services (Any such queries must be directed to the respective third party).

Support Channels

You can expect to get your queries addressed by,

Reading User Manuals or other relevant documentation provided;

Reading FAQs posted in this website;

Viewing Demonstration Videos, if any in this website; 

Reading Performance stats and plots in this website;

Chatting with operator available through Live Help Desk whenever operator is online;

By raising a support ticket or

By sending Email to support@t7wealth.com.

Currently we don't provide any telephone support as we are a small company without enough resources to provide such support at this point of time.

Some or all of the available support channels may become inaccessible temporarily or permanently because of legal, technical or financial issues at our side, though we may always strive to avoid such a situation.

Response Time & Outcome

If operator is available through Live Help Desk, you can get support almost instantly. However availability of  operator is not guaranteed all the time, due to lack of adequate resources at this point of time.

Support Tickets raised or Emails sent shall get a response within one or two working days in most cases, but sometimes it may take longer due to complexity of question posed or lack of  time availability at our end.

All week days barring Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays (National as well as Kerala State Holidays) are working days for us. On all working days we are open from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM. To get quick responses from us, you are requested to initiate your support requests during our working days and during our working hours.

All your queries and concerns are important to us and no effort shall be spared to address the same effectively. But we can't and we don't guarantee, that we will always be able to satisfy you to the fullest extent, because of Commercial and / or Technical Feasibility issues , internal Time and / or Resource constraints etc.

Policy Modifications

We may change this support policy as and when we wish to do so. Procedure that we follow while making such changes is mentioned under Section Modifications & Alterations of Terms Of Service.

This policy was last modified on 2 Dec 2021.