T7 Wealth Creators

Successful Traders Are Made

There are some things in life where talent and innate wiring helps like Michael Phelps born with size 14 feet, hyper extended joints, less lactic acid production etc. Successful trading in a tech driven world has very little to do with genes. As long as one knows how to use a PC / mobile it’s doable with a workable plan that can be followed day in day out. It’s a skill that can be acquired with genetic support that is far too common. We tested out this hypothesis on ordinary people and their success stands proof of the fact that trading success can be replicated. 

We are not discounting the political, economic or social space that can have an impact on how a person engages with the market. Nor are we undermining the physical and mental state that can have a bearing on the trading success. Sun can shine, rain can pour, earth can shatter, lightening may strike and generally unexpected and unforeseen events can happen in life. All our dreams and plans can crash and burn any moment. But these are equally applicable to success in any other field. All things equal, its fair to say that successful traders are made and not born.