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FINVASIA - The Underrated Broking House

We don't pay META money when we send a WhatsApp message to some one. We don't pay google when we Gmail some one. So why pay a middleman when we send orders to exchange via the internet. In comes FINVASIA, the zero brokerage house. In terms of clients they are no where near the big players in the stock broking space. But the zero cost idea, the platform offerings, the support all can give even the biggest player a run for its money at several fronts. Here is what you will get with FINVASIA as on the day of writing this. 

  • Zero Brokerage, Account opening fee & Account maintenance charges
  • Zero Call & Trade Fees
  • Zero Clearing charges
  • Zero cost API
  • Web, Mobile & Desktop Trading Platform
  • Supports ChartIQ, Tradingview charting tools along with GoCharting integration 
  • All order types - MIS, CNC, NRML, Cover, Bracket, GTT
  • Stock and mutual fundpledging
  • NEFT like fund withdrawal delay if request is placed between 08.30 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Great Support Team - Intelligent support ticket system, chat and in person calls if need be

If you are someone looking to pledge mutual funds note that FInvasia haircut for mutual funds is 75% unlike 90% for other top brokers. All other cash equivalents like Liquidbees and SGBs have 92% and 90 % margin after haircut and all other stocks also offer industry standard haircuts. Also, it needs to be seen how well the underlying infrastructure can scale with growth in customer base. It may be fair to question the revenue model if cost to retail segment is zero. As per FINVASIA they are trying to reduce the cost with economies of scale, get turnover related benefits from exchange and raise revenue by catering to Institutional Investors. 

Anyone looking to scalp the market, option sell far OTMs where we may need to constantly adjust positions, FINVASIA may offer you a better alternative than anyone else in the Indian broking space.