T7 Wealth Creators

Detached Attachment Brings Trading Success

As simple as it seems the control over our mind is the most hardest to master. Lot has been written about it. But we thought we will simplify it for you. Here we break down the psychology of successful trading to a 2-step process. 

    • Attachment to a well rounded and tested trading plan - It’s just amazing how we falter when asked to do n-steps repeatedly day in and out. Among all that life throws at us if we can train our mind to follow a set plan, great windows of profitability tend to open out.
    • Detachment from the outcome - Focus on money and we submit ourselves to be guided by greed and fear. Only when the heart looses the craving for money is it fully ready to follow a plan and behold great outcomes.

Objective persistence is way better than subjective indulgence in the stock market. An objective plan brings clarity of thought. Objectivity makes it easy to trust with changing market dynamics. Objectivity thus makes it easy to persist. With persistence,  success is just a step away for you to behold. Even those who excel with subjective discretion more or less have an objective plan in their mind.